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Philosophy and Principles

The SYNK Business School is founded on four principles. These form, on the one hand, the basis for our training and, on the other, should accompany the graduates after completing their training at the SYNK Business School and provide them with support in their work as leaders and coaches.

  • Giving meaning and producing personal relevance.

  • Experience-orientation and bringing pleasure into learning.

  • Using strengths-orientation so that one's own talents can be recognized and developed to become strengths.

  • Ensuring transfer and the teaching and learning of sustainability.

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History of the SYNK Business School

  • 2003


    Together with the DIN-Institute, Jörg Krauter, Director of the SYNK Business School, developed the first German process of certifying single coaching, the PAS 1029, and, in doing so, contributed decisively to the professionalization of this vocational field.

  • 2005

    Founding of the European Academy of Business Coaching, renamed the SYNK Business School in 2013: over the last ten years, the SYNK Business School has been training managers and business coaches. With more than 700 graduates, it now counts as one of the largest training institutes in Germany for business coaches and top managers.

  • 2007

    The beginning of SYNLIFE: the online-support for preparation, implementation and follow-up of every learning and qualifying process is launched on the market.

  • 2010

    SYNLIFE is awarded the innovation prize "365 landmarks in the land of ideas" under the patronage of the German president.

  • 2012

    In cooperation with the University of Gloucestershire, research begins on "Leadership in Adverse Situations" and "Increasing Leadership Effektiveness through Strengths-Orientation" 

  • 2013

    The European Academy of Business Coaching is renamed the SYNK Business School.

    The training at the SYNK Business School meets the criteria of the International Coach Federation for the internationally recognized ACSTH certificate.

  • 2015

    SYNK Business School celebrates its 10th anniversary.

The systematic organization and structure of the content of the training of coaches consists of methods, applications and instruments that have been used for years in the consultancy projects of the SYNK GROUP GmbH & Co. KG.

Over 25.000 specialists and managerial staff from medium-size and DAX companies have worked with these instruments in international training and coaching projects and use these today in their daily routine. Customers of the SYNK GROUP are, for example, the BMW GROUP, ERGO Versicherungsgruppe and freenet.

Based on the knowledge of the experience gained, the training of coaches is regularly reviewed and adapted.

In accordance with the principles of the SYNK Business School, we understand coaching to be one aspect of lifelong learning. 


Our methodological and didactical implementation in the training units is based on an adapted version of Kolb's cyclic leaning model.

It involves four leaning phases. These have shown themselves to be particularly appropriate for training in the business context.